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The Outdoor Heritage Fund, one of four funds created by the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, provides funding for habitat improvement projects. Local sportsman's clubs are encouraged to submit funding requests for projects that directly relate to the restoration, protection, and enhancement of wetlands, prairies, forests, and habitat for fish, game, and wildlife, and that prevent forest fragmentation, encourage forest consolidation, and expand restored native prairie. In example, a funding request submitted by the Fergus Falls Fish & Game Club helped restore 7 acres of temporary wetlands at the Nordby Waterfowl Production Area in Grant County (see photos below of a ditch plug that was installed).

Prairie Easement Enhancement in Otter Tail County - FY 2012

As of January, 2015, the sum total of CPL grant dollars approved for and administered by the Fergus Falls Fish & Game Club, through a partnership with the US Fish & Wildlife Service, total $269,951.

US FWS Habitat Easements  - To restore and enhance prairie and wetland habitat on four FWS habitat easements and one state WMA in Otter Tail County.  This project will use a combination of tree and brush removal, seeding, and prescribed fire to restore and enhance 274 acres of prairie.  This project also restored ~11 acres of wetlands on the FF Fish & Game Club’s Dohman tract and the Prairie Ridge WMA.  After bids were received, it became evident that an additional $’s would be required to complete these projects.  A request to amend the grant by this amount was approved.  Brush and tree removal work has been completed on the Dohman, Oehler, Hedricks and Nyclemoe easements.  Some spot seeding, foliar spraying and prescribed burning were completed at several sites during the spring and fall of 2014.  US FWS plans to burn several remaining tree piles on the Dohman tract the winter of 2014/2015.  Prescribed burns are scheduled for the spring of 2015 for Dohman and Nyclemoe to complete this grant. Total CPL grant dollars for this project = $ 74,320

Art Hawkins Waterfowl Production Area – FY 2013

Art Hawkins WPA grant  The Fergus Fall Fish and Game Club entered into a partnership with the USFWS to restore 3 wetland basins, totaling 4 acres, on the Art Hawkins WPA in Grant County.  This would complete all wetland restoration work on this WPA.  The Club agreed to provide matching $’s toward the project with the USFWS providing in-kind services.  Work was completed at this site during the fall of 2014.  There were sufficient funds remaining from this grant to complete more habitat work in the immediate area.  A justification/application was written to restore 5 wetlands on the Vukonich WPA (KleinBank acquisition).  This application was approved by the grant authority.  Wetlands were restored the fall of 2014. Total CPL grant dollars for this project = $ 30,800

Waterfowl Production Area Grassland Restoration 2014 – FY 2013

US FWS Tungseth, Preus, Haugen, Lightening Lake, Julsrud, Wiegers, Knobel Lake and Erhard’s Grove WPA’s  - To restore and enhance ~143 acres of prairie grassland on eight WPA’s.  The objectives are: Tungseth tract –seeding of 123 acres of cropland to native grasses and forbs was completed the spring/summer of 2014; Preus, Haugen, Lightening Lake and Julsrud - complete the conversion of 13 acres of planted tree groves to grassland by burying woody material and ash, then seeding with native grasses; Wiegers, Knobel Lake, and Erhard's Grove - uproot and pile 7 ac of tree groves as the initial phase of restoration.  Work at most sites was completed in 2014 however burning/burial at two tracts remain to be done in 2015. Total CPL grant dollars for this project = $ 52,920

Townsend WPA Wetland Restoration and Tree Removal - FY 2014

Nordby clean water legacy signTownsend WPA  - Partnership between the Fergus Falls Fish and Game Club, Friends Of the Prairie Wetland Learning Center and the US FWS to restore 8 wetland basins (8.5 acres) and approximately 9 acres of tree removed and piled.  Piles will eventually be burned.  The entire property will also be checked for any additional tile lines or filled wetland.  Where tile are present they will be broken or removed.  Where filled wetlands are identified, sediment will be removed. Total CPL grant dollars for this project = $ 63,800

Previous completed CPL Grants include:
Wetland Restoration on Waterfowl Production Area’s - FY 2012 - totaling $ 31,281
Fergus Falls WMD Grassland Restoration – FY 2011 - $ 16,830