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Bluebird Houses

Summer is here and the birds are leaving the nest. Did you know that the FFF&GC makes bluebird houses for sale and for its various properties?

6.2016 BBH 1
Above: FFF&GC bluebird house.

Following are tips from Tom Welle, long-time FFF&GC member and owner of 15 bluebird houses.

6.2016 BBH 2
Above: A successful nest in a FFF&GC bluebird house.

According to Tom, there are several strategies for placement of these houses that improve chances of nesting success. Bluebirds like to be near fences or overhead wires to perch upon and watch for bugs (dinner). Nests placed near these structures are more likely to be used by bluebirds.

6.2016 BBH 4
Above: Tree swallows in a bluebird box.

Nests should be placed in the open and not too near brush or other heavy cover. Wrens are competitors of blue birds and will even kill a female blue bird if they want the same nest.

6.2016 BBH 3
Above: A different style of bluebird house. This one is at Otter Tail Lake.

If a bluebird chooses to use a house, some pairs may actually nest two times a year in the same house after the first batch of chicks have hatched and fledged. Bluebirds will clean out a house between nestings, and the new nest will usually consist of fine grass with no feathers, sticks or wastes.

6.2016 BBH 5
Above: a newer-style bluebird house. This one has had nests the last several years.

Birds will not always use the same house year after year, but they often do. The best year Tom has experienced is when 13 of his houses were used by bluebirds, with 29 babies successfully fledging!

Installing and watching bluebird houses are fun and rewarding activities you can share with your kids, grandkids or other young people. Tom loves doing it and he thinks you will too!

Please send us a message to learn more about bluebird houses, or to purchase one for your property.